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ABB introduced ACH580 series of variable frequency drives

Leading the way in HVAC drives

Built-in features reduce on-site commissioning time, add value to existing control systems and provide easy diagnostics and troubleshooting. ACH580 drives are ideal for controlling HVAC fans, pumps, compressors, air handling units and chillers used in hospitals, data centers, shopping centers, tunnel ventilation, factories, office buildings, and more.

Maximum usability

The ACH580 drive series provides common features throughout the whole product family, making it easy for you to install, commission, and use them for your entire installation.

Advanced HVAC features

The drive comes with a variety of new features, such as a new primary settings menu that allows you to commission and program the drive based on your application. Sleep and timed functions are built into the software to ensure that the drive doesn’t run when you don’t need it. Another significant feature of the ACH580 drive to increase life and property safety is its in-built override mode.


• Simple to select, install and use
• Integrated HVAC-specific features
• Intuitive control panel with optional Bluetooth capability
• Reliable connectivity with major automation and control systems
• Based on ABBs all-compatible drive platform
• Safe maintenance and broad service offering

ACH580 ultra-low harmonic drive

Overcome challenges of harmonics: Harmonics in electrical systems can be considered as pollution of the electrical grid and can have negative effects on equipment.

All-in-one concept: ABBs HVAC Ultra-Low Harmonic (ULH) drives have all the harmonic mitigation technology in the drive. With a THDi of 3% or less, there is no need for external components to install with the drive for reducing harmonics.

Secured operation under special conditions: The ACH580 ULH drive offers a reliable solution to overcome these challenges as it is able to lower the harmonic content so that sensitive equipment stay running. In addition, the ACH580 ULH greatly reduces the risk of generator failure when you need it the most.

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