Carson Solutions QLCI Displacement Chilled Beams | Improve Indoor Air in the Classroom

Many schools today use HVAC technologies that produce NC levels of 40-45 inside the classroom. With prolonged exposure, teachers communicating above the noise are more apt to suffer from throat and respiratory issues, in turn resulting in lost time. Loud background noise reduces students’ attention and participation due to distractions.

ANSI Design Requirements and Guidelines for Schools prescribe that background sound levels in unoccupied core learning spaces not exceed 35 dBA (see Table 1, ANSI/ASA S12.60-2010/Part 1). To put that sound level in perspective, 35 dBA is similar to sound levels found in a carpeted living room with NO activity occurring in the house. The QLCI, designed by TROX®, displacement chilled beam with no moving parts, is ideally suited to address the demands of classrooms. The QLCI with displacement ventilation delivery method provides increased thermal comfort with improved indoor air quality. In addition to conforming to ANSI 12.60, incorporating the QLCI to help meet the 35 dBa requirement, and meeting the associated prerequisites, will qualify for one point per LEED v4.

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