Core + Valent in Schools | Better Air Quality, Better Health, Better Student Performance

Valent VPRC Series In Schools

When it comes to children, they deserve nothing but the best. Core + Valent equipment work together to give our children the best air quality within their schools. Better air quality means better health for students, improved student performance and increased student attendance.

VPRC Series | Packaged Rooftop Ventilator Unit

Valent equipment is offered in a number of configurations to meet a wide range of applications and systems.

When recovering sensible and latent energy is a priority but the maintenance requirements of an enthalpy wheel are unwanted, the VPRC with its enthalpic core heat exchanger is an excellent alternative. The enthalpic core heat exchanger has a 0.5% exhaust air transfer ratio (EATR) as determined by AHRI 1060, and can safely handle accumulated condensate without sustaining frost damage.

CORE Energy Recovery Solutions has many benefits, including: 

Low Maintenance
Freeze Tolerant
Mold & Bacteria Resistant
Latent Recovery

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