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Haiku UV-C

Big Ass Fans crosses the threshold from providing comfort to total well-being with the release of Haiku with UV-C. An innovative combination of Haiku’s world-class airflow and efficiency with the proven disinfecting power of ultraviolet technology, Haiku with UV-C is an achievement that reinforces our industry leadership and strikes a blow to the spread of infectious diseases.

Featuring the style, smarts, and superlative performance our customers expect from Haiku, the new Haiku with UV-C adds the value of air disinfection to the world’s greatest ceiling fan, killing 99.9% of airborne pathogens within 10 minutes* via invisible shortwave ultraviolet light. The key to this impressive statistic is Haiku’s industry-leading airflow, which improves air circulation and brings virtually all airborne pathogens into contact with the ultraviolet rays.

Key Features

  • Seamlessly integrated into Haiku’s sleek design
  • Available only on new indoor Haiku models
  • Completely safe for routine home use
  • Activated through Haiku’s mobile app or remote control
  • Blue LEDs glow softly when in operation

With performance proven by third-party testing, Haiku with UV-C will be a game-changer for residential and commercial customers looking to safeguard their spaces and enjoy Haiku’s comfort and iconic design.

*Third-party tested in a sealed 1,000 ft3 chamber with 60-inch Haiku on the high-speed setting.  Haiku with UV-C technology achieved a 99.9% reduction rate of a microbial suspension within 10 minutes. “Killing” is the standard industry terminology for the reduction rate.

More Info Here (PDF Attachments)

Help keep returning students safe. Big Ass Fans – Haiku with UV-C shown above.

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