MSM Attends KCAHE Annual Conference 2019 | Arrowhead Stadium

What is KCAHE?

The Kansas City Area Healthcare Engineers (KCAHE) is the metro chapter of ASHE. Our membership represents hospitals and their environments of care staff in the Kansas City metropolitan area and includes members from the states of Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri. We strongly support the efforts of ASHE and the Kansas and Missouri Hospital Associations and have established an educational program that includes technical topics as well as business management skills. Our vision is to be the region’s premier organization for professionals specializing in healthcare facilities management.

KCAHE has formed an alliance with vendors who provide services and products to healthcare providers in an effort to improve the professionalism of the people and firms supporting hospitals and patient care facilities. KCAHE’s meetings encourage hospital members and vendors to learn from each other, in an effort to improve the safety, well-being, best business practices, and quality of care for the population’s our healthcare facilities serve.

The 2019 Annual KCAHE Conference

The KCAHE Annual Conference is an opportunity for vendor members to exhibit their goods and services. You can also expect to hear several outstanding speakers discussing topics relevant to your success. Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the KCAHE Annual Conference is the opportunity to network and visit with your fellow KCAHE members.

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